Fitness at Home by David Beck (Click here for complete post)

When anyone asks about my health I can say that I am in better shape physically than I have been for years I no longer have the aches and pains or stiffness in my back and limbs. Pre-lock down I was fortunate to be able to attend “Well Being” classes at Upton Surgery, and lately at Welland by Lewis Dallard. Others in the group who […]

Six Year Journey (Click here for complete post)

On a personal note, but I will keep it brief, I started my get fitter journey about 6 years ago, by going to one of Lewis’s group sessions at the Upton surgery complex, where we mainly did just sitting exercises. As I really wanted to do more than that, I asked Lewis if he did one to one sessions and if so, whether he could […]

Exciting Times (Click here for complete post)

I am the Peter half of the blog. I have been so busy thinking about starting this blog that I haven’t actually written a post on our own blog. Having given it some thought, I decided something different to getting fit might come as a breath of fresh air. So I will digress and tell you a little about myself. Our older “Get Fitters” will […]