Why Not

Why not have some targets as I do.

I have always found it extremely helpful to set targets for myself, always slightly more than I have achieved so far, but enough to make it a challenge.

If and when I get there, I then set a new target.

So I am always competing with myself.

I would highly recommend this approach as it gives meaning to the exercises and changes your approach to them in a positive way as it is a big boost to your self-esteem each time you do manage to reach a target.

I wouldn’t have got this far without them.

So I still set myself targets because I am never satisfied.

Join me on my latest target, an attempt to improve my walking

I used to run 5 miles in 35 minutes every morning before my shower before going to work but those days are long gone. I don’t run anymore.

So I decided exactly 8 weeks ago I have to improve my walking first, before hopefully getting back my ability to run. I miss running, it was something I really enjoyed.

So I have started going out at first light in the morning and gradually increasing the distance each day. I started with only a short distance (probably about 300 yards) but I’m up to about 2,000 yards already. It’s quite surprising how quickly you can improve.

Any passing cars and those out walking their dogs probably think I’m crackers as I try to march as I was taught to do in my square bashing days in the RAF.

I have a simple exercise routine I do before setting off which I have found helps considerably. If anyone is interested, there is a video of me doing those under the Mobility menu.

You can view it here.

Why not join me and see if you can stay with me or even outlast me. Think of it as a challenge. Of course there may be many of you who are already well ahead of me, in which case I have the challenge to catch you up.

Because I’m basically nuts, I now have a weighted rucksack on my back which helps me to walk more upright without the round shoulders.

But whatever you do, watch this space, as they say, to see if I have enough determination to keep it up, to see if I get any worthwhile results and if I wind up being able to run.