Fitness at Home by David Beck

When anyone asks about my health I can say that I am in better shape physically than I have been for years I no longer have the aches and pains or stiffness in my back and limbs.

Pre-lock down I was fortunate to be able to attend “Well Being” classes at Upton Surgery, and lately at Welland by Lewis Dallard. Others in the group who have recently had thigh or knee transplants have said how the gentle exercises have improved their mobility. These exercises comprise gentle stretching and exercising all our muscles, balancing exercises and short periods to raise our heart rate followed by cooling down and relaxation techniques.

Lewis has now begun to offer his advice, free of charge. on his web site.                


Presently this comprises an introductory passage and advice on how to proceed pointing out that these exercises can be done either sitting or lying on a bed. In other clips the demonstrator is a man in his late eighties showing that age need not be an excuse not to try for oneself. I am told that much more variations are to follow.