My Learning Curve (Click here for complete post)

I am Lewis, the other half of the blog – a lifelong health and fitness fanatic and a personal trainer and health advocate. That sounds very boring, right? Quite the opposite! I suppose. The real fun and enjoyment began when I started working with people who couldn’t do things around the house and felt isolated because of it. Most people around my age take for […]

“Walking Back to Happiness” (Click here for complete post)

Shades of Helen Shapiro. In my forties and fifties I used to run 5 miles in 35 minutes first thing every morning but those days are long gone. I don’t run anymore. So I decided 4 days ago I have to improve my walking first, before hopefully getting back my ability to run. I miss running, it was something I really enjoyed. So I have […]

The Big One (Click here for complete post)

I’m on my way back to the big one of 32.5kg. In this video we are trying to show that with the mixture of good training, a positive attitude and an overzealous trainer you can achieve what might seem impossible. You will notice that Lewis keeps his hands firmly on the lowering part of the motion and he assures me that this is purely for […]

The Sound of Workouts (Click here for complete post)

A VARIATION ON A “SOUND OF MUSIC ” LYRICI am 85 going on 86,I know that I’m naive.Others I meet may tell me I’m nuts,But still the weights I heave Totally unprepared was IFor the progress I have made,Increasing still my daily routineSo my fitness will not fade. I am 85 going on 86,Daft as a brush, some say,But Frank Sinatra said it all“I DID […]

In The Beginning (Click here for complete post)

Well, not quite at the beginning but very near, I found lifting my arm out straight to my side, level with my shoulder, quite painful in the shoulder. With one position of my hand, particularly so. You may find, you cannot get your arm up that high to start with on one or more of the hand positions but it will come, it just takes […]

Fitness at Home by David Beck (Click here for complete post)

When anyone asks about my health I can say that I am in better shape physically than I have been for years I no longer have the aches and pains or stiffness in my back and limbs. Pre-lock down I was fortunate to be able to attend “Well Being” classes at Upton Surgery, and lately at Welland by Lewis Dallard. Others in the group who […]

Six Year Journey (Click here for complete post)

On a personal note, but I will keep it brief, I started my get fitter journey about 6 years ago, by going to one of Lewis’s group sessions at the Upton surgery complex, where we mainly did just sitting exercises. As I really wanted to do more than that, I asked Lewis if he did one to one sessions and if so, whether he could […]