“Shock and Awe” (Click here for complete post)

It might appear so when you watch the video, but I am not catching the weights, my hands are here for safety reasons and to make sure Pete’s wrists stay in the right position. Click on the post title to see video. Pete has come quite a long way in a relatively short time. He had never lifted weights in his whole life though was […]

Challenge Yourself (Click here for complete post)

Unassisted Sit To Stand – Peter has done 20. Click on the post title to see the video and see if you can equal that or do more. The next challenge will be with a weight in each hand.

Just One Thing (Click here for complete post)

In Just One Thing, Michael Mosley shows how dumbbells are actually a very smart move for both your physical and mental capacities.   How lifting weights could improve your body and your mind.   “Pumping iron” may conjure up images of muscly gym-goers sweating through a workout accompanied by over-the-top music, but developing a weight-lifting routine can be done easily at home. And the benefits can […]