Why not have some targets as I do.

I have always found it extremely helpful to set targets for myself, always slightly more than I have achieved so far, but enough to make it a challenge.

If and when I get there, I then set a new target.

So I am always competing with myself.

I would highly recommend this approach as it gives meaning to the exercises and changes your approach to them in a positive way as it is a big boost to your self-esteem each time you do manage to reach a target.

I wouldn’t have got this far without them.

So I still set myself targets because I am never satisfied.

One of my targets is be able to run again.

I used to run 5 miles in 35 minutes every morning before my shower before going to work but those days are long gone. I don’t run anymore.

So I decided I have to improve my walking first, before hopefully getting back my ability to run. I miss running, it was something I really enjoyed. So I bought a treadmill.

I try to get a proper walk in every day and gradually increase the distance each day. I started with only a short distance but I’m already up to about a mile. It’s quite surprising how quickly you can improve. The treadmill is for those days when it is raining cats and dogs or if I just don’t fancy going out if the weather is uninviting. By the way, I bought a £600 quality treadmill on Gumtree for £50 so you could probably afford one.

Any passing cars and those out walking their dogs probably think I’m crackers as I try to march as I was taught to do in my square bashing days in the RAF.

Why not try this yourself. Think of it as a challenge.

But whatever you do, watch this space, as they say, to see if I have enough determination to keep it up, to see if I get any worthwhile results and I’ll let you know with an update if I wind up being able to run again.