“Shock and Awe”

It might appear so when you watch the video, but I am not catching the weights, my hands are here for safety reasons and to make sure Pete’s wrists stay in the right position. Click on the post title to see video.

Pete has come quite a long way in a relatively short time. He had never lifted weights in his whole life though was a keen cricketer in his youth. Also he had done a bit of running.

When he started with me, he had a bad back and couldn’t lie flat without a lot of pain, he couldn’t lift his right arm above his shoulder and had torn the top of his right bicep causing it to atrophy.

Now look at him, nearly 86 and still pushing up and lifting heavier and heavier weights.

So age is not that big a barrier. Obviously younger and fitter people will be able to lift more but Pete, at his age, is showing remarkable determination to do even better and can still do far more than those half his age.