Back Exercises

Leg Exercises

Seated Back Stretches

In this video we will show you our basic seated back exercises. The main things to remember when doing these exercises is to keep your lower back tucked in and your chest high.

Floor Back Mobility Exercises

Shoulder Mobility Motions

In the beginning. Well, not quite at the beginning but very near, I found lifting my arm out straight to my side, level with my shoulder, quite painful in the shoulder. With one position of my hand, particularly so. You may find, you cannot get your arm up that high to start with on one or more of the hand positions but it will come, it just takes time.

So this is an exercise I persevered with until I could do it easily with no great effort. As weights can be quite expensive, I then used 2 milk cartons (2 litres each), as my weights, with half a kilogramme of water in each to start with. I slowly worked my way up, half a kilogramme at a time to 2 kilogrammes as the strength in my arms and shoulders increased for this exercise. That one position of the hand that I found more difficult than the others was with the back of the hand facing forward. I believe most people find this one the most difficult to do.

Anyway, see me on the video below and have a go. Bear in mind, you have to do this exercise regularly to see any improvement. I did it every day.

Full Body Workout

You don’t have to do all these simultaneously.

You can start by trying to do each one separately.

Sitting workout

1. Knee pulls

2. Hamstring stretch

3. Unassisted stand

Core Workout