Grit, determination, willpower, stickability, call it what you like, but this is what you need if you are serious about getting fitter. The good news is that I found it easier as I progressed, not physically easier but mentally. Your confidence increases as you start to see some real progress.

I asked my doctor if I could get fitter at my age. His reply was blunt. “You can get fitter at any age but it is very hard work. It is better to stay fit throughout your life”.

If your social life is limited, for any reason, it also gives you another interest. Being naturally competitive, I compete against myself. I keep a daily record of my progress and try to improve on what was my previous best and it works for me as it builds in an incentive.

It is very easy to give up when you are a bit down and say “I’ve had enough, I can’t do this” but what you must say is “I can and will do this, come hell or high water”, and lo and behold, you will find you can.

Good luck in your journey, but it isn’t really down to luck. It is what I have said at the beginning of this post. Grit, Determination, Willpower and Stickability.