Six Year Journey

On a personal note, but I will keep it brief, I started my get fitter journey about 6 years ago, by going to one of Lewis’s group sessions at the Upton surgery complex, where we mainly did just sitting exercises. As I really wanted to do more than that, I asked Lewis if he did one to one sessions and if so, whether he could fit Pam (my wife) and me into his client schedule.

He did and we started going to his Gym once a week for a one hour session which was split between my wife and myself. Initially I started with a 1.25kg weight and found it quite hard work and at that time I couldn’t do even one pushup.

After some months, I did manage to push up 25kg on his bench press.

The good thing is, I found that the process of getting fitter became easier once you started to improve and my improvement accelerated once I started doing some of the exercises at home, even more so once we were having a session every weekday.

I do a variety of exercises and in 6 years, I have managed to go from no pushups to 20 pushups, 1.25kg to 32.5kg for one particular exercise, the bench press up from 25kg to 55kg and the amazing thing is, coming up to 86, I still seem to be growing stronger. I kept asking Lewis when I would plateau as it didn’t seem possible that I could keep getting stronger, and he has so far replied, we haven’t got there yet. I go with the flow but have no idea when the plateau will come.

So, the moral of this story is, you will be amazed by your own journey, if you have the will to persevere.