Lewis is a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Peter is a retired Television Producer

Peter, today, April 1st, and this is not an April Fools Day post, pushed up 60kg, then 62.5kg on the bench press as he said below he was aiming to do by the Easter holidays. So the next target has to be 65kg.
A little while ago, Lewis and Peter had a joint brainwave. Well, they thought so.
Why not take the message of getting fitter and staying fit in one’s later years to a wider audience?
Then another thought, why limit it to later years?
Showing someone who is getting on in years, to put it mildly, following his keep fit routine, should demonstrate that these exercises could be helpful to anybody and everybody, whatever their age, old or young, who would like to be that little bit fitter.
Lewis has been in the health and fitness industry world for over a decade and has always had a driving passion for helping people develop physically and mentally. Having consistently worked with a massively diverse cross section of the community, he has found that the secret to any improvement is by small but regular changes and he is really looking forward to sharing them with you. He thinks Peter is a good example of what can be achieved and that age is not a barrier to getting fitter than you presently are.
Peter, who is a regular client of Lewis decided to get fitter a few years ago. He started in Lewis’s gym to lift weights, starting with 1.5 kg and gradually increasing the weights as he got stronger.
Lying on his back, at the last count, Peter can now comfortably push up alternatively 20 kg dumbbells for 20 repetitions with each arm. He has pushed up 32.5kg a few times in this way and 55kgs as a bench press for just 2 repetitions. He is aiming for 60kgs in the school Easter holidays.
When he started with Lewis, it annoyed him that he couldn’t push up his garage up and over door because he didn’t have the strength in his right arm and shoulder. That has been sorted out and is now no problem.
He also had a back that hurt when bending down or stretching but by doing the knee to shoulder exercise  several times each day, that back is now history
He also had problems with his knees – they ached 24/7. He always knew he had knees because the ache reminded him all the time. That ache has gone but they still hurt when he walks. To sort this out is work in progress. Peter doesn’t really believe this is achievable but we will have to see, as he would dearly like to get back to running.